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Dis at blog fer me n HR1 n dat Gnu Rufus. I jes rites em all cuz I litrit. -- Deuce

Friday, July 27, 2007

Gnu Kitty

Here a pitcher uv dat Gnu wiffis new kitty. She even gits her own pancake!

Dis a stray kitty dat got in ol Bob-o's car downtown at the Y. I tole her not to do dat no more she better be careful but she jes lissen to Gnu. N she gots magnetic feets!

Now he got his own pet so I got tacky komer bak, n Gnu still heps Ms. Johnson, so we OK.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gnu's Big Advencher

Dat Gnu Rufus, him gon off to the cuntry fer the firs time by hisself and I gits Bob-o to take pichers uvim. Here um is. In this firs un Gnu gits to chek out a truk. He ent like at ol CR so he don't try to take it.

Here him gits to see them puppies he likes. I tol im not to git down in the pin wiffum cuz they grabbim.

Then he gits ta make frins inside at nite. Here is sum duks.

N I gess his favrit nu frin was this big red ber. Him probably felt safter then wiffum puppies.

Then on the way bak he gits ta see Cuzzin Slick and Rufus Nation. Them all stannin up by the time he gits there. He tease that Gizmo too heehee.

Now he bak wiffus. We tryin' to get Bob-0 to do his own Blog now but firs we wants pie.