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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Rufus Still Gots to Eat!

I finely gits dat Bob-o to heps me wif a blog wile we has ar coffy. Iss bin so long I almose forgits how cute I is! Heeheehee.

All of us Rufi here still likes ar food. Basketti is jes about the mose fun to eat!

Sumtimes we gits chilly and u has to be keerful not to fall in dat cup!

Wun time we gits a french fry.

N we alwys has to git ar brownie ur sumpin. Ol Gnu better watch out here, dat Kitty bout to git his share!

I tries ta git baks wif u more often, Deuce Rufus fans! Heeheehee.


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