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Dis at blog fer me n HR1 n dat Gnu Rufus. I jes rites em all cuz I litrit. -- Deuce

Thursday, June 22, 2006

HR1 Interview (by Bob)

HR1 Interview

HR1 speeks for hisself!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dat Ms. Johnson Her Better

Her wokkin funny but her wokkin. She even comes over to be petted. Anner drinkin her water too.

Gnu takit upon hisself to nurser. Bob sez Gnu gots to feeds her now too. You otta seeim open dat can. Gnu jes too nice sumtimes. I hopes him don't eats that stuff his sef.

Gnu dunno dat Ms. Johnson like I duz. When she gits better she bites him heehee-hee.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pleez hep Ms. Johnson

We maddat dat Bob cuz he ent hepped dat Ms. Johnson. She sik n we thot she wuz like a Rufus but he sez he cant get a new Ms. Johnson off ebay.

Bob sez she gotta drinker water but she ent. Gnu tries to hepser.

We dunno why Bob ent fixxer. Kin u fixxer? We thot Bob fixxus if sumpin happens. Dis all new to us.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Dat Bob wants me to rite down who all us Rufi are for future generations, or just unles you forgets. So here um is.

Da firs Rufus in town was dat ol Boss Rufus. Him comes all by hisself and goes to work wif Bob and Stefus. Him bin all over the world, but now he retired and sits on Stefus' table at Rufus Nation. Him da one to call if you needs a table at a resturnt or sumfin.

Next comes these 3 bruzzers, HR1 and Stoney and Sober Rufus. Dat Uncle Sober Rufus him goes off to livs wif Jesse and don't come around us no more. De big Rufi here are Stoney, HR1 and Boss. Das ar Uncle Rocky wif Aflac Duck, Vermont Bob and Cuzzin Slick, too.

Cuzzin Slickster Rufus was the firs wun of us little uns. He my favurt cuzzin and I dont gits to see him enuff. He used to work too but when Boss retired he went to Rufus Nation wif Boss. I misses him.

Den comes 3 more bruzzer, us little uns, das me an Beat-em-up and Special. Here ol Beat-em-up, he go to live in Joes's office and I don't see him no more, ezer. Him bin raised by dat Taz, n I heers him bin drinkin.

Fer sum rezin dere ent too many pichers of Speshul, but here him is wif Boss n Spike n Stoney. Dat Speshul him my bruzzer so don't say nussin or I hits you. Dat Spike, you see him he looks like dat Beat-em-up, and he hits you too. Him comed after us bruzzers cuz Steffus gived away Beat-em-up, so we got Spike off E-bay.

Den we got ol Snoozy Rufus wut came wif his own piller. Here dat Slick in de piller wif Snoozy an Pez Duck. Fer a while dat Slick wunt let go a ol Pez, now he lets Speshul wakkim.

Akshully dere is two more Rufi, das Gnu and Taco. You got lots a pikkers of me and Gnu, and dat ol Taco we ent got no pichers rite now. Him too fat hee hee heee.

Dis a pikker of Boss and Slick "In De Day," when dey tot dey was hot shit. Slick got him his duck and Kitty. Dey all over at Rufus Nation now.

Das all I got fer now. Bye.

Hey, I fergot ol CR [Construction Rufus]. Ent got no picher of him neither. Him a ol redneck Rufus. Dunno how him related. You got any pichers of him, sennim tome. ok?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gnu Hat

Gnu got him a hat. Ain't he slick?

Bob sez its a fez. I sinks it looks like a cap, but I dunno.

We makes him get us new sukis soon. An ol HR ain't mad no more.

Have a good day!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Tonite I teach Gnu how to eat nuts wif chopstix.

Firs you hits HR inna nuts wif the stik and then jumps in the can.

Tellat Slick I wakkem nu sukis annem good. I liberates some Filberts forim. Mmm Mmm dey is free.

I fink I better go now.